Business clients – risk audits & due diligence

Risk audits

We perform audits of commercial contracts as part of internal risk management reviews. We carry out meaningful and insightful contract reviews to identify areas of risk and exposure to businesses and areas for improvement.

Due diligence

We assist with the due diligence of commercial contracts, including where this specifically involves IT and/or Intellectual Property related contractual issues, in connection with a share or business sale, a fundraising or flotation.


Whenever conducting a risk audit or a due diligence exercise, we deliver more than the typical report which often just contains numerous verbatim extracts from the contracts reviewed. We comment both on what is in the contracts but also crucially, what is not, highlighting issues of commercial importance to produce a report of practical benefit.


“I am particularly pleased to have your comments on general themes recognised in the course of doing these reviews as that is the sort of analysis that will actually bring business value to this project.” 

Group General Counsel, international security solutions group


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