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TRG UPDATE - June 2019


Welcome to the latest issue of the TRG Update. Following on from the success of the Contract Law ‘hot topics’ seminar in March organised in conjunction with the IACCM (The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management) we subsequently presented four in-house ‘repeat’ sessions. We are delighted to report that, once again, the events received an incredibly positive response from delegates:-

“Very broad base of knowledge that Paul made easily accessible to all. Course was excellent. In fact it should be almost compulsory”

“Really good exceptionally knowledgeable speaker. Overall excellent event providing in depth and detailed knowledge. Would recommend”

“Fantastic seminar full of real life examples for useful application in the workplace – Excellent!”

Our next annual seminar will be scheduled for March 2020 but if you think your commercial team might benefit from some in-house training before then please get in touch.

In this edition, somewhat exceptionally, we feature only one case brought by hundreds of sub-postmaster claimants against the Post Office. This is because of the range of topics covered by the judgment but also because of the potential significance of the case for the drafting and interpretation of commercial contracts if the case is followed by other courts in the future.

An archive of previous cases featured in our Updates is available here.

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‘Relational’ contracts and duties of good faith

Bates v Post Office [2019]

English law has traditionally resisted implying an obligation on the parties to act in 'good faith' into commercial contracts. However, over the last few years the English Courts have, in isolated cases, been prepared to imply such a duty into so called 'relational’ contracts. The latest of these cases provides further guidance on the circumstances in which a contract may be classified as a 'relational’ contract... More>>>

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